About Pat

Like many generations of my ancestors, I am a native of Pembrokeshire, but emigrated to north America the day after my marriage in St. Mary's church, Tenby.

When my husband, Norman Watkins (one of the geophysicists involved in the discovery of plate tectonics) died at the age of 43, I stayed on in the US for another 25 years, returning only in 2003.

I have been taking photographs since I was fifteen, when I was given a second-hand Kodak box camera, and although I learned the basics of photography on a series of 35mm cameras, it is only after digital came in that I felt I had the freedom to experiment, without having to pay and wait for the developing and printing of whatever I had photographed, good or bad. In 2009 a slideshow of my Pembrokeshire photographs accompanied a lecture at the New York Public Library during "Wales "Week".

In my other life I was a professional information scientist, researcher, and designer of in-house databases for municipal and other organizations. I also ran a successful bed and breakfast, "The Old Clerk House," in Narragansett, Rhode island, for twelve years, during which time I entertained many delightful guests, some of whom I still count among my best friends. In between times I wrote satirical articles for newspapers, but more recently have turned to writing thrillers. some based in Pembrokeshire. I write for Pembrokeshire Life magazine as well, and you may recognize some of the photographs on this site as they have been on its covers.

Pat Watkins