Maybe you have visited or plan to visit Pembrokeshire, or maybe it is where you were born, but went to live abroad as I did.
Growing up here I had taken for granted its magnificent and ancient scenery, its lush greenery, abundant wildlife and balmy climate, so it wasn't until I left that I realized how truly beautiful it is. It is all right on the doorstep too, easily accessible, and with its ever-changing weather, provides us with an infinite variety of moods and colors.
Since my return, I have tried to capture in photos moments showing what Pembrokeshire means to me. Photography is, of course, a very personal way of viewing one's world, but if you happen to see it the way I do, then I hope you will enjoy my pictures, and that you will return, because there are many more moments still to be captured.
Welcome, and thank you for visiting.
Patricia Watkins